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*bDay videos intended for people over 14.

Cat birthday card videos

Sexy Cat Cupcakes

Sexy Cat, in a deep, sultry voice, wishes you a happy birthday and invites you over for cupcakes after the song.

Hug Me Cat

Hug Me Cat offers a hug, somewhat begrudgingly, after theĀ  song. Plus, he adds a snarky little quip at the end. Anyone with cat will get it.

Dog birthday card videos

Fun Weird bday card videos

Boston Bunny

Boston Bunny, a Boston terrier wearing a bunny hat sings happy birthday after expressing his excitment. then, he ends apruptly to chase a “mail devil”.

Fast Talkin Ted Sings Happy Birthday

Fast Talkin’ Ted sings happy birth in his 1930’s radio announcer voice. If your friend likes weird, or you like to weird our your friends and family, then Fast Talkin’ Ted is the character to wish them a happy birthday.

Animations and voice over by Michael Zittel @